Friday, March 20, 2009

trainer. day 3

Mom came today to witness my destruction. I made my best grumpy faces. It was horrible. I had to do what Trainer wanted, not what I, Maximus wanted. I had to walk, trot, and halt when asked. I had to turn when asked and go straight, not zigzag. I had to canter. The whole ring. Over and over. I tried zigging and zagging. I tried ducking the contact. I tried putting my nose in the air. I even bucked. Nothing worked. I HAD to do what she said. Mom said I looked better than I ever have. Trainer agreed with her that riding me is like riding a mare. A MARE! Could they insult me more?? OH and Trainer said that "he's got to learn that this isn't the Max show." Where has she been? This IS the Max show. But I got cookies and a shower so it wasn't too bad in the end.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

I bucked for 45 minutes straight, threw myself on the ground and rolled around because I was tired, then got up and bucked some more the first time I was saddled. I discovered it was less work to behave than it was to misbehave trying to get out of doing what the trainer wanted.
Sounds like a conspiracy among humans to me to me.

kbryan said...

give that horse some sugars! he look fabulous.