Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well someone was asking Mom what makes a good conformation photo. And since I am an Imperial horse, only my pictures will do.

1: this one is OK. The bushes hide my beautiful forelegs.

2:This one is only OK because Mom had no help and put m front legs on a different surface.

3: This one is GOOD. This is the one that she sent to Schleese when we were figuring out what saddles we wanted to try. Please excuse my appearance and conformation. I was damp and in a growth spurt. Still the handsomest guy around though.

4: This one is BAD. I look like a draft cross.

5: This one is bad because I was sure Mom had carrots. Just sure of it. Had to go check it out. The pic makes me look like I have a pea head. Which I do not thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Max, you are Imperial and the most beautiful grandpony ever.

Maximus said...

Well, yeah!