Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Mom and Mom's Man went to the Florida to see Ukon and Aunt Zane. She said they had a great trip and that both Aunt Zane and Ukon are happy there. She said Ukon has grown!!! He's now 18.1 hands and around 1500 lbs. Well, I will have him know that I have been growing too. I'm now a whopping 14.3 and 1000 lbs. So there! Mom said that he lives in a beautiful barn. Well anything is nicer than our Horse Hovel. She also said that he has gathered quite the array of show ribbons with Trainer. So? Can you eat them? No. You cannot. So I am not impressed. Mom also told me that he is a good boy who doesn't try to kill his rider for minor infractions. And? He's a CARTHORSE. He doesn't have the same expectations that I, an Imperial Horse, have.

Anyway, here's some pictures.