Tuesday, April 22, 2008

max the downtrodden

oh I am bad. bad bad. mom even made boss mare faces. we were riding and walking and then mom said trot and I did and I bunny hopped and mom ended up at my feet and I didn't know how she got there and she fussed and I thought she was going to eat me and then she got back on and I didn't even wiggle and I trotted like a good boy and then she made me walk BEHIND her to the barn and then after she took my tack off I went to my house and she left and she hasn't come back for two days and I don't know why.

*my back hurts you little monster. Its trying to go out. thank goodness I had my crash vest on. I looked like I was geared up for Peter Pan's S.W.A.T. team, but I'm not too hurt.*

Monday, April 14, 2008

well fine then

the weather has been cold and wet today so all of the horses have been wild. Gremlins love cold wet days after all.

So Mom takes me AND the bird horse houston to the indoor. Mom tried to get on my back so I wiggled and wiggled and wiggled. I thought it was a great joke but Mom didn't agree so I let her get on. well then we got to the middle of the ring and I just had to give a little buck. but Mom said "walk on Max" so I did. then we walked and walked and walked. it was all very boring so I decided we should trot a bit. about half the ring later I finally gave in and walked and walked and walked. I got alot of good boys and Mom even sang my good boy song to me! did I ever tell you I have my own song?? it's wonderful. it's all about me and my brave good boy self. it almost made me forget about the gremlins that suddenly arrived in the indoor.
But then Mom put me in a stall and tacked up houston! well he wiggled and wiggled too but he eventually let Mom get on. well they got to do all the fun stuff! trotting, cantering (alot of cantering) and even went sideways! I was fascinated and just watched the whole thing. but then I heard it. it was. DINNER!! so I had to neigh to Mom and let her and houston know. well houston was naughty then so I had to neigh again. they rode a bit more and then Mom took us to the barn where we had our dinner with carrots in it. (aunt Sandra always gives us goodies when she visits her horses. we love aunt Sandra.)

Aunt Diane asked how our ride went. Mom said I was an ape and hou was an angel. I've decided that apes must be much better than angels because I'm way better than houston.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm Back!!

I'm Back under saddle again! the vet came today and said I was a very good healing boy and that the hole in my leg is all gone. and now Mom can ride me again! and he said that I am such a good boy that I healed faster than he thought I would. and in two weeks I get to go out and play! watch out bear, your butt needs a bite! I also got bee stings on my neck *shots* and THREE carrots!! AND sugars! I am such a good boy!

to celebrate Mom put the not saddle *surcingle* on me and the longest lines and we went on the trail! it was so much fun! Bear, Ukon, and Walter were so happy to see me that they galloped to the fence to say hi. I wanted to eat all the grasses, but mom wouldn't let me. said something about working and blah blah blah. I'm not sure why I couldn't have the grasses, I wasn't really listening to mom. I just know that the horse eating whip tapped my butt when I tried to sample them.

AND I got to teach Mom "gee" and "haw". she heard from my first mom that I knew that and wanted to see if I remembered. and since she isn't real sure which means right and which means left, I got all the good boys.

take THAT bird horse!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oh Hannah!!!

So Mom helped me give Hannah a gift. (you remember Hannah? she's my love.) it was a box of notecards with a horse that looks almost as beautiful as my Hannah. and guess what!! Hannah wrote me back! OH OH Happy Day! she said that she's touched that I thought of her and that if she doesn't acknowledge my presence it's because she's contemplating the finer points of Piaffe and Passage. And she included pictures!

Oh my Hannah, I knew you would come to love me too!

Mom read me the letter, and I got a bit embarrassed and had to hide my face for a minute. I wish I could read so Bear didn't have to hear her letter.

Oh well