Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good things!

Well we the ponies are still shedding but Mom scrapes us regularly so we don't itch itch itch so bad. The weather has gotten warm and all the trees and grasses have woke up. We have gotten to go back on the pasture!! This is very good. We have really missed our pasture.

Mom and Mom's Man moved into the human barn on the farm in March. Mom is so happy that she doesn't have to take the car to see us. We like that we get fed in a more timely manner.

Our ring is still being built. The clay is nice and level and the telephone pole has finally been moved. Mom and I have been riding every day for a month or so. We are doing really well too. I haven't done anything stupid since the cow incident and Mom hasn't been panicking. We go round and round the ring doing walk, trot and laterals. I'm working on my leg yielding and learning shoulder in and haunches in. I'm pretty good at haunches in but shoulder in is a mystery to me. We haven't cantered yet, but we have been working on extended trot and yesterday we did a really fast trot. Mom did pretty well, she did get nervous when I got excited to canter so we walked after that. Hopefully we'll canter soon.

Houston's feet are almost normal. He's been taking his man for rides for months now. He's even started teaching his man trot! He and Mom's Man really like their saddle. Mom rode Hou in it and said it's the biggest thing ever. Houston has started singing again. I don't think I've told you but Hou sings little songs. It sounds like grunting but with notes and rhythm. He has different songs for different things. He has a song for Mom, a song for Mom's Man and a song to let Mom's Man know he's doing something right. Mom's Man was trying to make Hou do a leg yeild. When he asked wrong, Hou went in a circle. When he asked right Hou went sideways and sang. Mom thinks it's really cute and it makes Mom's Man laugh and laugh.

Imperial horses do not sing. We let you know we're pleased by not launching you into the air.