Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am a very happy Wonder Pony!! Mom rode me!!! And here I thought she didn't love me anymore. I had tried to comfort myself. I even tried to braid my own mane, but it ended up in snarls. WELL tonight Mom came down to the barn and started currying and grooming me. She got the snarls out of my mane and chided me for trying to braid it myself. Then she came out of the tack room with my bareback pad and bridle!! Oh Happy Pony Day! Well Mom put my pad and bridle on. But something was different. My bit was gone! I tried to put the chin strap in my mouth but Mom took it out and buckled it. But you forgot my bit!
Then we went to the ring and Mom got me on my circle. She may have said "trot trot" but I heard "WOO HA!" and went buck buck buck boing boing boing. I eventually settled down though. Well Mom then took me to the mounting block. I was so eager to go I stood still even though a horse fly was chewing on my butt. After killing the fly Mom got on and we toodled around at the walk. I will have you know I was perfect. I lifted my back and carried her and I even went long and low. I got all the "good boy"s and a hug AND all the cookies. Mom didn't even need to tie me! Not even for my shower. I was so proud of myself! Mom was very good too. She didn't clench her butt or pinch me breathless with her knees. She just rolled with me. She didn't even have to grab my mane! (This a big deal for her. We're both rather round so we aren't the most stable pair. Mom says my back is like a sofa. Big and cushy.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Harrumph I say! So long ago I let Mom put a link on my blog to Con-Mar the Lipizzan (who lets his human do the talking). Well he is a stallion who is a year younger than me. I just found out that Mom read his blog and learned that not only is he not trying to kill his human, he is even doing third level work! He's started working with the double bridle!

Con-Mar. You make me look bad! Here's what I propose...

Start playing dirty. You can outsmart your human. I did. Make your human think that you must be treated as though you're made of glass. Also convince her that you could go ballistic at any moment. That way all you have to do is roll your eyes a bit and totally get out of doing any work. Save all that fancy canter halfpass, collection, and half steps for the pasture. Which, I guarantee, you will see more of. It's easy to do. Take up bucking. If you can do a canterbuck flying lead change then that seems to go a long way. Add to that my favorite trick. Inverted tippy toes. Think of placing your ears on your croup and walking around stiff legged. If you can do this WHILE rolling your eyes and snorting then you're approaching MY level of talent. She'll be so busy trying to undo your evasion that you can easily put your nose between you knees and do a Flying canterbuck. If you really want to do fancy moves, keep them under your saddle pad and save them for evasions. Trot? NOPE! Piaffe!! Canter? HAH! Canter Half Pass!! Halt? Thprtt! LEVADE! You get the idea.

Wait. WHAT?!!! Mom wishes she could send me to your human. BAH!! Bah I say! I'll show YOU lack of work ethic! I work my haunches off! I strive to stay unridable for as long as possible! THAT is work!

What? What do you mean the stallions of the SRS willingly and happily do everything their humans want? What is WRONG with you guys?!!

That's it. I'm pouting.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Seven By the Way

I got so wrapped up in the clinic-from-hell saga that I forgot all about my birthday! Mom remembered it (August 25) and she made me my birthday bucket. I had apple cinnamon granola bars, apple juice, THREE peppermints and alfalfa cubes. It was So Good!! Hou had one too and from what I hear we'll be celebrating Hou's birthday in January. YAY birthday buckets twice a year!

Wow it's been a WHILE!!

This summer has been BOOORING! It began good enough. We were riding every day. Mom went to a clinic and decided to "put on her big girl panties and canter". Whatever those are. Anyway we cantered! At home! By ourselves! So Mom signed us up for a clinic in June. We were late getting ready. Mom did everything wrong! She tacked me up in the stall instead of the crossties, and she decided it was too too hot to longe so we went right to it. I was mostly stupid. I was an inverted tippy toed fire breathing dragon. This Imperial Horse had been taken away from his nice quiet farm, ruthlessly driven away in a deathbox *trailer* and then plopped down at the farm where we used to live. I was then ripped away from my paddock with Hou in it and tacked up in a stall. A stall! I was NOT amused. So I inverted tippy toed all round the ring. We then had to trot endlessly so I decided to exit stage left and made a bee line (well it would have been a bee line had Mom not been trying to make me go back to the ring) for the door. Well then while we were trotting endlessly I got hot and I got tired. I then heard the trainer tell us to do some cantering. I put my ears back. I know enough human talk to know what "canter" means. Well Mom asked for it. And I said "NO!" by cow kicking and leaving the ring. By now Mom is riding rather stiffly and defensively and really ticking me off. Well she asked again! So I cantered two strides and gave her the three biggest bucks ever. On the last one I twisted and launched her into the air. She did a somersault and landed on her back breaking her helmet. I wasn't feeling too hot either. Well Mom got a concussion and I sprained my hip. So I've been busy getting fat fat fat and looking cute and Mom is healed but is recovering from a sprained elbow that she got the day before the clinic.

Well it's been too hot to ride so Hou has been getting fat and looking cute along with me. Since it's starting to cool off Mom decided to put Hou on the longe to get him back to thinking about work. Well he blew an absess. So no riding for any of us!

But the good news is that Capriole weather is coming WOO HOO!!