Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More coldness.

This is how cold it was. It was so cold it snowed. Again!

This was terrible. I was cold! Imperial horses object to being uncomfortable in any way. And I was uncomfortable!

And yes, we had lots of hay.

But I knew more was in the barn so I had to beg. I am not satisfied! I need more hay!

Monday, February 15, 2010

growing, blood sucking monsters and apologies

Well I have grown an inch. I am now 14.3 hands. I'm considering going for 15. Mom thought I was getting skinny but I weigh more now than I did when I moved here. BUT It has gotten me more oats so I won't complain. You can never have enough food, really. I get all the hay I can eat and now lots more oats.

But we are shedding now. We itch itch itch and it makes us grumpy. Houston is even grumpier than usual. I didn't think that was possible but it is.

Well Mom took me for a ride a couple of days ago and I was very bad. I called for Houston, he called for me and then the scariest thing happened. The blood sucking monster began calling to me. It was loud! Then there were more! Mom got very mad at me but I panicked! She had to longe me on the end of my reins till I calmed down enough to walk with her. There it was again! What is it?! It's so close! ACK! Wait why are we going to the drive way? The barn is the other way! No no no it's calling for my blood! And there's more than one! Ooh the donkey is out! Hi donkey, aren't you afraid of the horse eating monsters?! What are these other animals? They're making the noise! What should I do? I know, I'll look magnificent and impress them into not eating me! I stand on my tippy toes and arch my neck. Hah I'm so beautiful you won't eat me!
Wait. Houston told me about these. They're cows. And he said cows are stupid! They're coming up to the fence. I'll just keep impressing them just in case they're horse eaters. Then Mom turns me around and she climbs up on the fence and gets back on me. We go back to the barn and we work work work. Lots of little figure eights and voltes. Well at least the cows can't get me.

The next day I had to love on Mom to make her forgive me. I nuzzled her, I put my chin on her chest with my nose under her chin and blinked at her. I licked her. I tugged on her coat. I had to really love her up to say I'm sorry. I think she forgave me because she laughed and gave me lots of kisses.