Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So this big yellow snorting monster came to the farm. Mom said it is the bull dozer and that it eats dirt and makes the earth move. I don't know what that has to do with sleeping bulls but whatever.

Well that thing has been eating and moving the dirt for two days! It even ate the dirt in our paddock prison. Mom said this would fix the mud but we have our doubts. Well he has been eating a place where Mom made us a small grassy space. NOW where will we go for grasses!? Hmmm? Where!? This could be a very serious pony problem! We got so upset at the prospect of never seeing grasses again that we started run run running in the pasture and snorting and bucking at the yellow bull dozer monster. The only good thing is that we have been returned to the pasture for two days.

Mom says that this bull dozer is making us a place to ride! And it will be nice and smooth and level and there will be rock dust too so we won't have to wait for the everlasting mud to go away for us to ride! We are very excited about this. Houston really wants to work on training his man and I really got to work on Mom. We are getting flabby and I have lost that wonderful figure I got at Trainer's place.

This was last week

This was this morning

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I decide that I am doomed

The weather has been horrid so Mom and I haven't had many adventures. And now I'm all wooly and funny looking so no pictures.

We have had so much rain this acorn season. And now Hou and I are convinced that we are dying. Dying I tell you. I think I'll call the ASPCA. I have them on speed dial you know. We have been removed from the pasture. Mom claims that it won't be there in the spring if we are out in it any longer. Sure we have the paddock and as much hay as we can eat, but we're dying. Mom says we'll get lots of hand grazing but we don't believe her. So what if we'll eat the already drowned grasses to the dirt, we want the grasses!

And to add insult to injury, due to my flinging myself to the ground fad The Gail, Fixer of Bony Bits is coming tomorrow. BAH! I think I'll think of naughty things to do to the humans.