Friday, March 6, 2009

Nope! Nuh uh, Don't wanna.

Well I helped Mom realize why the other people call it "the terrible fives". I decided the other day that trot in a 20 meter circle actually means trot till the center line, leg yield toward A and the canter with my nose in the air. When I reached the mirrors I slide to a stop say "hello" to that handsome guy in the mirror and then Mom thanks me for not killing her. I thought this was a grand game. I have been dropping hints that we are ready for canter, but Mom said we aren't so I had to show her that we actually are. She was not amused. So our instructor came today and said I had "bad habits" and "a lack of obedience". I'll have you know five year old Imperial horses proudly practice optional obedience. She didn't agree. Mom and I had a bit of a war. I wanted to leg yield, canter and slide to a stop. Mom wanted to trot in endless circles. BOOORRRINGGG! Anyway I did eventually concede defeat and trotted around in endless circles to her little hearts delight. I really made her work for it though. Mom had to take lots of walk breaks and whooo ponies did she huff and puff! Then those devilish humans made me do trot-walk-trot transitions all the way around the ring! I tried to leg yield to the center line and canter but noooo, trot-walk-trot was the result. So I tried to grab the bit. Mom got it back. Then I tried rooting, Mom won again. Then I tried curling my nose to my chest. Mom pushed me forward till I had to look where I was going. Bah. Bah I say! By the end of the lesson we were both sweaty beasts and dragging our toes back to the barn. I got a consolation carrot and went back out to my pasture. I had a great roll. Got both sides dirty! Then I had to rear and kick with my buddies.

What kind of tricks should I use tomorrow?

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

You could try sitting down in protest