Sunday, March 22, 2009

day 5

I had yesterday off. Today Mom showed up right after Trainer got on me. I was a very good boy. I didn't buck, but I did try to alternate sticking my nose in the air and then putting my chin on my chest. It didn't work. So I was good. Mom asked Trainer if I had potential. Trainer said "absolutely! And I think he's a good horse for you, but I haven't seen you ride yet." Well that made Mom nervous because I'm way more talented than she is. And she doesn't think she's that good of a rider. I think she's ok. Trainer is better balanced, but I like Mom alright.

What ticked me off today was that I had to go back to my stall after our workout. I've been going outside after to dry off in the sun. BAH!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

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kbryan said...

You are SO an Imperial Horse and you sure do look good in the ring (when it pleases you to do so). Gotta keep those humans on their toes!

Now don't be too hard on your human or you won't get your sugars!