Monday, June 29, 2009

What. are. you. THINKING!?

Ok. I give up. What are you thinking? Getting on my back requires that you actually ride. Not just sit there. Giving up and just becoming a lump on my back makes me confused. Don't tell me to trot. You are a potato so I walk. What do you mean canter? You are in no position for me to canter. You fell forward at canter so I had to levade to push you back into place. You've never ridden me this badly before. That and my standards are a bit higher now that I know more than you. Even Trainer said it was you being bad, not me.

Stupid Human.

And We didn't leave for the new place today. We leave tomorrow morning right after breakfast.

*Sorry buddy, I thought I was recovered from heat exhaustion but I guess I'm not. I did ride you very very poorly.*


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Maximus it is hard work training humans. It is a good thing your human recognized they made a mistake. My DOR takes a lesson every week, just to keep up with me.

Maximus said...

Tell me about it. It's hard taking care of them too.