Friday, June 5, 2009

Still doing well

I'm still at Trainer's place. Mom says my farm will be ready for Bird Horse Houston and me at the end of the month. She won't be able to move in till later, but she says she'll be there all day every day working on the house, so we won't be starved or starved for attention. We'll see about that. I have my doubts.

About Trainer's place. I am the most talented, most beautiful, and most intelligent horse here. I know this because I'm surrounded by Cart Horses. All of them. And they're loony! My pasture mate is a little younger than me and bullies me. He bit my neck and my nose. Then there is the Little Black Mare. Sure she's a hottie (but let me tell you she's no Hannah) but I think she must have a screw loose. About a month ago I was TRYING to do my job and she's spinning like a horse crazed on the lunge line. I can do that RIGHT in my sleep! Then Mom got on me and Trainer Wife got on Little Black Mare. There were horses out and I looked at them a bit. LBM went crazy. Jumped sideways and tried to take off. I just rolled my eyes.

I've been practicing my turn on the forehand and being on the bit. I still have trouble with long and low but at least I'm no longer short and high. Mom is riding when she can, and WE CANTERED TOGETHER!! This was a very big deal. Mom was hurt by a horse years ago and only recently got over it, so it was important for me to get her going again. It's hard to train a human. At least Trainer yells at her for me. He's a great help. I don't think I could do it by myself. I tried to make her canter on my own but it only scared her. I don't know why she still gets tense, I have a great canter. Anyway, her balance is getting better and she doesn't panic as much. I was even able to take her on a trail ride today. She did really well and even sang my "Maximus the good boy" song. I got a BIG hug, shower and cookies for our ride today. We're doing pretty well, but we've lost a bit of our riding relationship because of all the junk last year but we're getting there. I still love my mom and today she said she "love love loves" me so I think we'll get it back.

I haven't told you, my fans, but Trainer says I'm the best Lipizzan he's seen. He says the only thing he'd change is that my legs are a bit short, but so are Mom's so I'm not worried about that. He says I'm a great mover and will be competitive against Cart Horses. Of course I'll be competitive, I'm an Imperial Horse!!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a grand horse you are!
My owner hasn't tried cantering with me since I dumped her last year, she is still worried too. Glad you took good care of your owner

Maximus said...

It's good to take care of your mom. Unless she's not riding up to your standards, and then she must be punished.