Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hi! I'm Max!

ok so I have my own blog now. I don't know what a blog is, I hope it's something I can eat.

Here's a bit about me. I was born in New Hampshire in August. My Dam is the beautiful flea bitten gray Sabella. My sire, the dashingly handsome Siglavy Malina. I am Siglavy Sabella, a Lipizzaner, a horse of kings, their mighty steed. my ancestors were dancers and warriors. At least that's what I've been trying to tell my barn mates ever since my arrival at this barn, just before my fourth birthday. They call me small. sure, I'm not 17 hands high, but they're not an imperial horse! I have to levade often to keep them in awe of me. They're just a bunch of carthorses *warmbloods* and idiots *Thoroughbreds*. who are they to say what's what? Sure I'm the youngest horse in the barn, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't kneel before my wonderfulness. Conceited? Me? nah. I just know that I'm the best horse ever!

My mom is helping me type this, I wanted to do it myself, but she says that it not only requires thumbs, but fingers too. Bah. and she says "besides, horses can't spell!" shows what she knows. My grandfathers were Haute Ecole horses! That's High School. That means horses CAN spell.

And little does she know, but I've been busy working on my thesis on the habits of deer and turkeys, and it's really coming along. I recently wrote a couple of pages about a doe that went bounding and jumping across the dressage ring. I didn't know they did dressage too! I had to watch her intently to make sure my thesis would be right.

I'll write more later, I've gotta visit with my mom!

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