Monday, January 26, 2009

saddle number three

Ok so back in October, Mom finally listened to me and realized my new saddle didn't fit. So this lady came a long long way to fit me with a custom saddle. She even fit Mom! Well it is coming today. Mom hasn't ridden me in five whole months because of a million reasons, and we're very excited. Mom says the fedex is evil and came to her stall just to turn around! Now she's imagining that she hears trucks and knocks at the door while she waits. I'm excited because I miss riding with Mom on me.

To hold us over, here's a picture of our new saddle..

So Mom said to tell you guys that we have two saddles, two girths, and one pair of stirrups to sell. The first one is an 18" wintec 500 (comes with leathers) and the other is a 17.5" long flap Barnsby N-Gage (comes with stirrups, leathers, and a bucking strap.). The girths are a fuzzy 22" and a neoprene 24". If you want one then call the tack shop Horsepower at 678-423-3699


JJ said...

Congrats on your new saddle..It looks very nice. Hopefully you will be riding again soon

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous saddle for my gorgeous grandpony! Can't wait to hear the news of your first ride!

david said...

congrats , you got new saddle , i also got new saddle its a English saddles , which is my favourite . i love to ride on english saddle.