Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well I got to see my new saddle today. Mom said it came last night when it was too late to bring it to the barn. It is really pretty. In the second picture you can also see my big fat girth in front of the saddle.

Well I was naughty when Mom was getting me tacked up, so she took me to the lunge ring. Well it was the first warm day in forever and so I had to buck, careen, rear, and swerve toward Mom. Had to. So Mom reminded me that she is boss mare and that I belong below her in the herd. Sorry Mom, I forgot.

When I was done being silly, Mom and Aunt Diane took me to the indoor. Since my saddle was a bit wiggly in the lunge Aunt Diane brought out a special pad that would help it stay on. I was the best boy. I got ALL the "good boy"s. We walked alot and we went sideways. On purpose! I could really feel Mom and she could tell me where to go using just her weight. I felt a pull to the left, so I went left (or right). Then we started trotting. I wasn't too sure that we could trot in this new saddle, but I did it. It was so great not to be pinched by a saddle. I could give to the bit and even stretch down without it hurting. Which got me lots of "good boy"s. I was so good that Mom even rode on a long rein and stretched us and I could feel her melt into my back. It was very good. When Mom got off me she gave me a big scratch and loosened my girth. You horses out there should really train your humans to do this. Its the best reward ever. You can really relax and breathe when your girth is loosened. When we got back, Mom pulled all my tack off, brushed my saddle mark and gave me a big fat carrot. I even let her hug me.

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Lovely saddle, glad it feels good on your back.