Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I give up

No more bucking. I promise. for now.

word around the water trough is that Mom is going to send me away. she keeps talking about "getting me ready". I don't know what I'm getting ready for, but I think it has to do with my bucking. she keeps talking about someone named "trainer" and talks alot about "starting my canter work". I don't know who this "trainer" person is, but I hope they understand that I Maximus am an Imperial Horse. and I need sugars. and all the carrots. and I know how to canter. I do it all the time. I can even canter AND buck. today I canterbucked and changed leads. now THATS talent.

I am already planning all the ways I will test this "trainer" character. Doc the wise said that I shouldn't try the patience of Trainer. that horses who do not do what Trainer says stay with Trainer and don't return to their mom for a long time. he reminded me that we hadn't seen Ian Horse since the coldness. "That's because he is with Trainer" said Doc.
Doc is very wise.

she who feeds moved My Hannah to my side of the barn... I can see her from my stall. sigh.

But more on this Trainer. I've been asking around, and all the horses have different answers. Ukon says Trainer taught him alot. Trainer even belonged to Ukon . Houston says Trainer made him a school horse. Kicks said "Trainer? never heard of him. OOH a flower!" Kicks wasn't much help. Hannah said "you deserve Trainer you little !@#$." she loves me.

So I guess this Trainer person is going to teach me something. I think I'll teach Trainer to Levade.

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