Saturday, August 9, 2008

Here's what I learned

Bucking, while fun and impressive, doesn't go over well when applied to humans.

I finally feel better. My ankle is healed, my feet are finally trimmed properly, and I've had my teeth done AND massages. So I had to show mom just how good I feel.

so there we were in the great outdoors. just Mom and me. she being the evil human that she is made me do hill work. well I wanted to take the easy route and she made me do the steepest, hardest parts. SO then when she wanted to go into the dressage ring to torture me some more I thought I'd show her what I thought of that. so I bucked. on the long lines. I nearly died. Mom went into boss mare mode and made me work HARD for another 20 minutes! doesn't she know I'm a Imperial Horse! I'm supposed to get my way!

so the next day she who tortures horses took me out to lunge. I haven't been on the lunge in AGES. mom said we were lunging because of my bucking incident. that I needed to respect her. well I had other ideas. while I was cantering, ok zooming, around she kept putting the w-h-i-p close to me. SO I zoomed in close and threw out a double barrel buck. I nearly died again. nearly. Then mom chased me! she chased me and chased me until I gave up, put my head down and followed her around. then she chased me the other way! I gave up already lady, don't you know I'm sorry??
then I had to go back to the barn behind her and got no carrots. doesn't she know who I am??

Then yesterday I got to lunge in the hunter ring *because it's in sight of the barn in case you managed to nail me you little bugger* and I zoomed around a bit. then I wanted to see if Mom meant it when she said I couldn't buck. so I bucked. THE W-H-I-P NEARLY BIT ME!!! so I bucked again, lost my balance and bit the dust. I didn't know humans could throw horses to the ground with their minds!! WOW.

I don't know if I'm done bucking though. we'll just have to see

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cdncowgirl said...

Hmmm seems Mom is the one whipping YOU into shape Max!
But really, we humans are smaller and more frail than you horses. You should be more gentle with your mom.