Tuesday, February 5, 2008

stall rest

well the humans have decided to coop me up in my stall. the weather has been warm, the grass is coming back and they won't let me out! It's all that vet's fault. I was wrestling with Walter (a carthorse) and hurt my ankle again. well the vet man came and said that the people had to lock me up. I don't know how long my sentence is, but it hasn't been too bad. Mom comes every day and loves on me and grooms me and scratches all my favorite spots. then she puts boots on my front legs and walks me around to eat the clovers and fescues. (the vet man said to have the boots on all the time but I outsmarted him. I took off a boot and destroyed it. now I only have to wear them when I go out.) then we play with the magic thing. it's this green thing and when you kick it or push it with your nose grain comes out! it's really fun. almost as much fun as knocking over trash cans. almost.

Mom is also teaching me things. like "foot" and "wiggle your lip". lip wiggling is especially fun because you get cookies.

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