Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots of things.

It has been COLD. Thankfully I have my pony coats. I have had to wear my pony sheet AND my pony coat! Houston says real horses don't need pony coats and he lets Mom know his opinion every day by biting his coat when she puts them on. I on the other hand get upset if my coat isn't put on in a timely manner. Like today Mom left us naked so we could bask in the sun. Well she didn't come back out till dark and I was certain I was going to freeze to death. I couldn't get my coats on fast enough. Mom bought these blue bobbing things that somehow keep the water warm and keep it from getting hard. The water got so hard that we couldn't break it to drink.

We got some new hay and I got to help put it away. Sorry the pictures are grainy, Mom took them on the box that she talks to and won't let me eat. She said it's called a cell phone.

And Hou and I were wrestling and I gave him a black eye. He had to see the doctor and the doctor sedated him because Houston didn't want the vet to stick his finger in his eye. I had Mom take pictures of him dreaming.

Also Houston and Mom's Man got a saddle. It is a Martin Matt Gaines Cutter. I got to try it on and I don't see what they're so crazy about. Houston says it's the best ever but I thought it was big and coarse and heavy. But I don't have to wear it. So whatever. Here's a picture.

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