Friday, October 2, 2009

Ponies gone wild

So Farrier David was out of town so another farrier did our trims. I was not pleased. He did everything differently! Everything from the way he said "hello" to the way he held my foot. I decided that he was not worthy of my greatness so I snatched my feet away and wiggled alot. Houston was unimpressed too but he hates everything. He's such a grump.

Well Mom came out to the field with a lunge line. She said she just wanted to make sure we're sound. I stood like a gentleman and let her remove her jacket and tie it around her waist. Then I trotted out nicely. Then the cool breeze picked up and WOO HA I was off!! I went round in a slow gallop. Then I decided that the air was so nice I would do Airs. I did a Capriole, a Levade, and three Ballotades. Then I did four one tempis and three two tempis. At a gallop thank you very much! Then Mom had me go the other way. WOO HA here I go!! Don't want to go that way, Pirouette on one foot and go the other way! No, she drags me in till the circle got too small to gallop and turned me around again. And I'm OFF!!! Zoom Zoom Zoom! Then I actually started trotting and licking / chewing so Mom called me in and took the cavesson off. I followed her closely wondering what we were doing now. Oh she's putting it on Houston. I get closer to watch. Then mom pushes me away. No I'm pretty sure thats MY cavesson I need to stay close. So she taps me with the w-h-i-p and I ZOOOM up the hill. When I spin around again Houston is on the line trotting. OH we're lunging again!? COMING!!! I zoom down the hill and fall in next to Hou. He's trotting but I'm doing a collected canter with my tail in the air. Round we go. I'm bored so I throw a buck at Hou and go tearing off into the woods. I am hidden. The mystery horse. That's right you keep being goody goody four hooves. BOOM Ha Ha! I'm crashing out of the woods heading on a collision course with Hou. I swerve away and go tearing round the pasture. Then ZOOM! I come back nearly hitting him again. Then I go by again, tear up the hill like my tails on fire. When I slide to a stop and eat grass like nothing happened. OOH OOH I'm thirsty! ZOOOM to the trough, drink and look at Mom and Hou like "what?"

Happy Autumn!!!

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Sounds like you were having a grand day! Wait til your owner goes wild in the pasture....