Monday, December 15, 2008

human trust test

So you're not sure that your trust levels are on the up and up with your human. How do you know you can trust your human? Do what I did.

Human Trust Test
have your human come to the barn ridiculously late so that she doesn't have time to groom you properly. (Hellooooo, my mane is all scraggly!!)

Reproach her for not working you in the morning like all the other horse moms.

Take her to the indoor ring before moonrise so that she can't see.

I decided to let her look for holes while I looked for wolves. She told me that I actually see in the dark better than her, so then I had to look for wolves and holes. Humans really are helpless aren't they?

Well She-who-feeds forgot to leave the correct outside light on so it was REALLY dark.

Mom opened the door to the indoor arena (this is one of the reasons we domesticated humans right? They have thumbs.) and we saw the greatest blackness. I tell Mom that we can do it so in we go.

You couldn't see your own hooves it was so dark! Mom couldn't see anything either! So I put my muzzle on her shoulder and she used the w-h-i-p to feel for the light switch.

Lights on! But the indoor is so foggy our trip is useless. Mom said it would make for lovely pictures, but I am wooly like the yak and she does weird things with her hair in winter, so needless to say, we didn't look our best.

I had her make use of those thumbs and turn on the outside light so we wouldn't be blinded by the greatest blackess.

We went back out into the night and made it back to the barn. I, of course, had to look for cougars AND holes. (How do they manage after they leave the barn? I guess their house wolves help them along. Why they keep wolves is beyond me.)

I was so proud of my human. She never spooked or put a foot wrong! I did have to reassure her a bit but she was so good that I let her give me all the carrots!

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