Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is a picture of Ukon. Mom took it while he and his person were being tortured by Trainer. Ukon is taking his person to live in Florida. He told me that his person said that his new house is beautiful and that there are lots of big horses there. I heard mom tell his person that we'll have to come visit sometime. That would be fun! Mom says that there's real cart horses there for me to make fun of. I can't wait.

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Kerby Girl said...

I have to know how would Ukon define a "big" horse?!! We have wee, not so wee, and UKON!

LOVE the pix of my grandpony!

And my word verification is "OEDPOPO." I pronounce it "ohd poe poe". I think we should all greet one another by our word verification names. " 'Ello, Ohd poe poe"! You might say.

"Well hi, fraq ja zi!" I might reply.