Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hi! I'm little snot!

ok so I think my name has changed to little snot. Mom was making me beautiful and she had to undo one cross tie to let another horse go by. well I had to look around while she was trying to braid my mane and try to nibble her elbow. well I got a smack and a "little snot!" then Aunt Sherry started feeding and so I had to try to steal Houston's food and watch her feed. (had to make sure she remembered my bucket!) well I got another smack and "little snot!" oh, were you still trying to braid my mane?? oh well. then mom gave up and gave me dinner. THEN the worst! mom said how there is a photographer coming at the end of the month and so... I was going to get a groom-a-thon! well you won't believe it. I went to the washrack and mom came out with CLIPPERS!!! well they attacked me and ate all of my face!!! and then there was a bath. she even bathed my face! I nearly drowned! and then! then she put the tingly whitening on my tail and socks and I had to stand there FOREVER with my ankles tingling while she re-braided my mane. then I was rinsed off and had to do my best drowned rat impersonation.

never fear dear reader, I fought the clipper monster. I got lots of "little snot"s but I resisted. I feel I have some sort of victory because my ears and a bit of my star are still hairy.

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My name is Roxie said...

The Clippur Monster is SOOOOOOOO SCARY! I haev never let it touch me, Roxie, yet but i just NO it will hurt!