Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's me. Houston

Max had some words written on his wall and directions to here. I had my man read them to me. This is me. Houston. I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an 11 year old Foundation Quarter horse. (Max says what you are is important. That I should tell everybody.) I've had lots of jobs. I worked cows. I taught people to ride. I did dressage and took care of my disabled rider. I am a good horse. My new lady said I'll never be ridden in an English saddle again. That is good. I am not an English horse. Farrier David says I'm a "good old fashioned Quarter Horse". I like Farrier David. My feet don't hurt so much now so I don't have to bite him. I know biting people is bad, but I just hurt all the time and no one would fix it. My man and the lady knew what was wrong and Farrier David is fixing it. I love my man. The lady said once when I was for sale that I could pick my person. I didn't know that. Everyone had picked me up till then. I asked Max and the others and they told me how to do it. So I picked my man. He is a good man. He doesn't know Horse yet, but I can teach him. That is my new job. It is a good job. It took my man a while to get me. But now he's mine or I'm his. I haven't figured all this out yet. My man and the lady say that I'll never be sold again. I like that. So far they have done what they told me they would do.