Friday, July 6, 2012


It is with great sorrow that I dictate this post. I am convinced that Mom doesn't love me anymore. It all began last year. We spent a year riding bareback and I never bucked once. We went through a big to-do and found me a new Wonder Pony Wonder Saddle. I grew to 15 hands. Then one day in June Mom quit riding. She quit mucking, leaving it to Houston's man. She would only feed me and pat my nose. She even smelled funny. Then her belly got bigger and bigger. Then the coldness arrived. The man doesn't do things right. He blankets me in the wrong order and just does it all wrong. Besides, he isn't mine, she is mine. During the coldness her belly got so big that she started walking slow. I tried to admonish her for eating too many oats but Hou said he'd seen this sort of thing before and that Mom was in foal. Really? A human foal? I love human foals! At the end of the coldness when the itchy time began Mom vanished for a whole month! We only saw the man. Then Mom came back. Her energy was all weird and she had a tiny, wrinkly human filly. Mom says her name is Phoebe and that we're keeping her. She didn't look like the sort of human foal I was used to. Once I licked her head and she didn't even squeak. She doesn't have apples either. And Mom is completely in love with her. And the man is too. Mom even thought about selling me. I got really really scared but Hou's man talked her out of it. So Mom gave me a firm talking to. I can never ever buck her off again. Hello! That is ancient pony history! I barely remember it! Well she finally rode me in my new saddle. It was great. We just walked around and I was the best boy. She rode me again and even though I was feeling squirrely I was very very good. But something is different. She doesn't spend hours grooming me and bathing me. And though she's starting to do chores again, the filly is always with her. Farrier David came to trim my royal toes today and she had him bring me in. She had the filly strapped to her front and said "that new feed has made his brain evaporate. I don't want him too near the baby." I admit that since my feed changed I'm seeing gremlins, but she didn't even come pet me till Farrier David had me settled in the cross ties. Used to be that she would get to the barn early and have me all clean for the farrier. And he did my feet in the wrong order! He started on the right front. Hello! you are always supposed to start on the LEFT front! That is my rule!And when he was done she insulted me further by giving Houston the grasses!!

I'll just be over here. By myself.